Are Patients Prepared to Pay High Deductibles?

Deductible Chart

A third of hospitals’ revenue now comes from patients.

But the question is: are patients prepared to pay for higher deductibles? If not, how will this impact revenue and bad debt for hospitals?
With the cost of healthcare shifting to the patient, hospitals are being forced to put a greater focus on front-end collections.


  • Insurance companies used to pay approximately 90% of the patient’s bill. That figure has fallen to 70%, meaning patients are responsible for 30% of the bill.
  • Historically, hospitals only collect 45 cents on every dollar from the amount patients owe.
  • Nearly a quarter of U.S. consumers have a $2,000 deductible, but two-thirds of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings.
  • Clearly, patients aren’t prepared to pay for larger deductibles. So, hospitals need more transparency in billing and financial payment options to mitigate bad debt.


Front-end revenue is the best revenue – with less risk and cost to collect.

AccuReg can help your registrars estimate and collect patient payment prior to service for more transparency and greater revenue opportunities. Our partnerships with payment processing companies provides a tightly integrated estimate-to-payment user experience.

A variety of payment options include custom installment payment plans, the flexibility to accommodate multiple pricing schedules and emerging “Cash Pay” custom pricing for high-deductible insurance patients.

It takes more than a price estimator to create a collections culture.

AccuReg empowers your registration staff by delivering an integrated workflow including dynamic scripting to ask for payment and options for achieving the best possible financial outcome for the patient and hospital.