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Front-End RCM Solutions

Our front-end revenue cycle software will dramatically improve your hospital’s fiscal well-being.

AccuReg offers a suite of essential front-end RCM software solutions that hospital Patient Access departments need.

Our RCM software addresses the multi-faceted complexity of the many patient access processes within a simple, single user console, fully integrated with every EMR/HIS system in the country.

Registration Quality Assurance

Manually reviewing your patient registrations for every type of error is a daunting, if not impossible, task. Eliminate preventable errors with Registration QA.

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Eligibility Verification

Rely on intelligent, automated eligibility and benefit level verification based on predictive analysis of your specific payer rules and denial patterns.

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Payment Estimation

High deductibles put patients on the hook for larger portions of their medical bills. Deliver accurate, out-of-pocket estimates prior to service.

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Authorization Manager

Replace manual processes with automated, procedure-specific authorizations pre-service. Prevent unnecessary write-offs and retroactive authorization appeals.

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Medical Necessity

Decrease denials and write-offs with real-time screening and alerts. Provide your patient access team with an easy, systematic approach to validating medical necessity.

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Financial Assistance Screening

Automatically determine a patient’s ability and willingness to pay their estimated liability; pre-qualify them for appropriate financial assistance options and provide scripted, pre-approved and sequenced options to registration staff so they can offer financial counseling and assistance to patients prior to service.

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Identity Verification

AccuReg provides both demographic and biometric identity verification methods. We check public data sources for demographic information and use biometric fingerprint scans to verify correct identity and medical records for scheduled patients upon arrival.

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Price Transparency

AccuReg’s Price Transparency solutions satisfy government regulations and consumer demands for visibility into accurate out-of-pocket costs while allowing hospitals to collect more pre-service revenue.

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“Since implementation of AccuReg, our registration proficiency has increased tremendously. Incorrect information caught at registration, less insurance claim denials due to insurance eligibility reviewed and less reworks. AccuReg staff are professional, personable and efficient in all aspects from development to staff training. We would highly recommend AccuReg to any facility seeking to improve the registration process.”

Laurie Mires
Patient Financial Services Coordinator, Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

The Front-End Revenue Cycle Management Tools To Completely Transform Your Revenue Cycle.

Find out how AccuReg’s RCM Solutions can get you paid faster while doing less work.

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