“I can’t thank you and your team enough for the support, dedication, and follow-through each one of you take! This truly says a lot about AccuReg as well as their vision and values.”

Jeff Darling
Director of Admissions, Oneida Healthcare

 Intelligent prior authorization software that gets smarter every day.

Many hospitals have manual authorization and pre-certification processes that are tremendously time-consuming and not always consistent and effective. AccuReg Authorization Manager reduces denials, write-offs and labor costs by intelligently auditing scheduled and registered accounts automatically.

Replace manual processes with automated, procedure-specific authorizations prior to service.

AccuReg Authorization Manager does the tedious work instead of your patient access team. It detects authorization and pre-certification requirements specific to payer, service and procedure. It automatically requests and obtains authorizations electronically by using EDI transactions from participating payers and automated payer website retrieval. When electronic submission or retrieval is not possible, registrars receive instructions on how to obtain the authorization.

How AccuReg Authorization Manager works for you


  • Predictive Authorization
  • Automated Determination
  • Automated Retrieval
  • Procedure Code Change Auditing
  • Real-Time Alerts with Resolution Instructions
  • Notice of Admissions
  • Rule Maintenance


  • Decrease No-Auth Denials
  • Reduce Labor Cost
  • Catching Denials Post-Service
  • Avoid Retroactive Authorization Appeal Battles

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