We avoid hundreds of denials…saving us the time of giving away free medical care when we’re not going to get paid for it. So it’s absolutely helped with denials.

Matthew Kall
Lead Financial Applications Analyst, Beebe Medical Center

This is next generation. It is benefit specific real-time eligibility verification powered by artificial intelligence.

Unlike the other real-time eligibility systems of the past that are out there, AccuReg Eligibility and Benefits Verification goes far beyond merely moving transactions from payer to registrar in real-time. It consists of two levels of automation: eligibility verification, plus benefit mapping. We automatically audit real-time eligibility data based on your specific payer rules and denial patterns, and provide intelligent alerts to your registrars for issues such as wrong payer, benefit limitations, etc.

AccuReg A.I. does the heavy lifting, so you never break a sweat.

Our eligibility and specific benefit validation finds needles in the data haystack by machine-reading payer remit data; isolating likely denial-causing payment risks before they occur; and providing an exception-based workflow to the registrar. Our approach even alerts the supervisor if a registrar fails to resolve the issue and prevent the denial. This enables you to hold staff accountable to resolve each issue before the patient receives service. And what about outcomes? AccuReg Eligibility Verification is reducing overall eligibility-related denials by as much as 50% in the first six months of usage. That means more net revenue you’ve been missing.

How AccuReg Real-Time Eligibility Verification & Benefit Mapping works for you


  • Coverage Discovery
  • Automated and Manual
  • Self-Pay Verification
  • RTE, 270/271, HL7
  • Auditing with Real- Time Alerts
  • Coverage Change Screening
  • Threshold Alerts
  • Coordination of Benefits Alerting
  • Benefit Mapping to the EMR


  • Full Use of Your Relevant 271 Eligibility Data
  • Consistent Interpretations of Eligibility Responses
  • Higher Speed of Registration
  • Fewer Denials and Rejected Claims
  • Higher Clean Claim Rates

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