“The Patient Facing Estimator cuts down on phone calls into the hospital once word gets out. There’s going to have to be a campaign to inform your customer base about this new availability. But once everybody gets used to it the phone calls subside as they get comfortable with the process.”

Brian Fulford
VP, Information Technology

Accurate patient financial estimates without the burden on your staff.

As patients finally become consumers, providers must give them the tools they need for price transparency, or risk losing their “customers” to a hospital that does. But even when your team has access to the best estimation tool, responding to patient inquires and “shoppers” can cut into productivity and delay other critical responsibilities. AccuReg’s Patient Facing Estimator alleviates that burden by putting the same powerful tool available to your staff at the fingertips of your patients. Patient self-service estimating is available by clicking a link on your hospital website from the convenience of their own home or wherever they might be on their mobile device, fill out a few fields, and receive an accurate estimate of services at or before point-of-service. Each estimate includes a reference code they can share with your staff, making it easy to verify it correctly includes the services to be provided. From there we give you the ability accept payment at point of service, when the likelihood of collecting revenue is the greatest and the cost is the lowest.

Empower patients with procedure price estimates and increase your hospital’s opportunity to get paid faster.

Patient Facing Estimator utilizes our Payment Estimation and Collection tool, to provide the most accurate patient payment estimates. It combines data from the provider’s charge master, claims history, payer contract terms and the patient’s insurance benefits to generate either a self-pay estimate or price estimates for services using their insurance information. Patients can keep a copy of their reference number or print a copy of their estimate for reference. Real-time benefits are applied, communicating to patients an accurate estimate of their out-of-pocket obligations, and securing more revenue for providers.

How AccuReg Patient-Facing Estimator works for you:


  • Convenient Patient Self-Service Estimates via Hospital Website
  • Hospital-Branded
  • Accurate Estimates of Patient-Entered Data
  • Mobile Optimized
  • User-Friendly
  • Unique Estimate Reference Number Simplifies POS Collections
  • Integrated Marketing Best-Practices


  • Increase Staff Productivity by Allowing Patients to Create Estimates
  • Increased Patient Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Patient Financial Experience
  • Reduce Price Estimate Phone Calls
  • Competitive Advantage to Hospital
  • Customer Service Value-Add to Patient
  • Payment Expectation Preparedness for Patient
  • Increase Up-Front Collections Potential

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