AccuReg Customer Wayne HealthCare featured in StrategicCIO360 Article, “Wayne Healthcare Reaps Benefits of New Digital Doorway”

Hospitals and health systems across the country are looking to automation to alleviate staffing shortages and meet patient demand for an intuitive, digital experience. That was the case for Wayne HealthCare in Darke County, Ohio.

Vice President of Financial Services and CFO for Wayne, Jennifer Williams, tells StrategicCIO360 that patient access used to be all paper and manual. While they had been searching for digital front door options, COVID-19 accelerated their decision to implement new technology. They were losing patients over safety concerns and staff were shifting to other departments or leaving for competing hospitals.

The hospital implemented AccuReg EngageCare®, an integrated platform for patient access, intake and engagement. EngageCare allows Wayne patients to complete registrations at home using their mobile devices, receive digital appointment reminders and check-in to their appointments online. Wayne has also installed self-service kiosks at its three facilities where patients can complete the same tasks onsite.

The outcomes have been a success. The new system has reduced no-show patients by double-digit percentages and has allowed Wayne to leave four patient registration openings unfilled.

“It’s helped with productivity in many ways,” said Williams. “We don’t need as many registration staff during the day as people register [on premises] through the kiosks. We’re more efficient with timing, and patients are showing up. Before, we had a high percentage of no-shows and we had to pay the staff to wait for them. It was costing us about $200,000 a year, and that’s a big chunk for a small hospital system. Now, with the reminders we send them, no-shows have dropped significantly.”

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