publishes “Empowering the Frontline to Improve Hospital Revenue Cycle” story, featuring AccuReg customer Rodney Adams of Williamson Medical Center

In the article, Associate Administrator of Finance Rodney Adams explains how he uses AccuReg’s Quality Assurance tool to populate data for visual management boards, which he uses to empower frontline staff to improve their hospital’s revenue cycle.

“Using AccuReg’s Quality Assurance tool, Adams pulls the monthly data and updates the board. If the data shows that 95 percent or more of registrations went through error-free, then a green checkmark appears on the board. If the department does not meet its goal, then a red X goes on the board and stays there for the entire month.

But what gets measured, gets managed, Adams highlighted. For instance, patient access has improved the number of patients moving through registration in ten minutes or less, which was another one of their board’s metrics. The hospital went from the 80 percent range to about 96 percent, Adams reported.

Adams has also observed performance improvement in other revenue cycle management departments, and together, those improvements have increased the hospital’s clean claim rate, which started in the mid-70 to low-80 percent range and rose to the low to mid-90s.”

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