Healthcare Innovation publishes “A Revenue Cycle Revamp: Why New Price Transparency Mandates Will Drive Change” story, featuring AccuReg customer Deborah Vancleave of Mosaic Life Care

In the article, Deborah Vancleave, vice president of revenue cycle at Mosaic Life Care, headquartered in St. Joseph, Mo., explains how the revenue cycle team there has implemented patient estimation software from AccuReg.

Vancleave says, “We want the patient to make the most informed decision for their care … Our moto is that our community can receive quality and expert care, close to home. We want patients to stay local knowing they will be receiving quality care for the best price.”

She continues, explaining how patients “can just go on the site and look up the costs based on a simple procedure name. That was always our goal, so it won’t be as difficult as we had originally anticipated since we have been working on this for the last six months anyway.”

Having access to that information using AccuReg patient price estimates “is the only way for us to understand a patient’s insurance, at which point we can do a real-time patient eligibility check with the payer, which will then return more accurate results.”

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