NAHAM’s Access Management Journal publishes “NAHAM AccessKeys Defined: What Should I Measure?” by AccuReg VP of Implementation, Melissa Salyer

Melissa Salyer, VP of Implementation

As the old adage goes, “you cannot manage what you cannot measure,” and NAHAM knew this well when the nationally recognized NAHAM AccessKeys were first introduced. Today, as we prepare for the introduction of a new AccessKey, benchmarking financial clearance, it’s more important than ever to remember and discuss the KPIs and metrics that matter most to Patient Access. As a leader and veteran of the Revenue Cycle and more specifically, Patient Access, it is my pleasure and honor to contribute NAHAM AccessKeys Defined: What Should I Measure? to the latest publication of NAHAM’s Access Management Journal, the official quarterly publication of patient access news and insights. As AccuReg’s VP of implementation and with more than ten years of experience serving as a senior leader in Patient Access, I am most passionate about bringing awareness, best practices, and continued education to the NAHAM and healthcare community about the supreme importance of a well-functioning and efficient front-end patient access department and the NAHAM AccessKeys.

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