Capturing more net revenue is within easy reach. Because a better Patient Access Experience® has a huge financial impact on your entire revenue cycle.

As CFO you know the drill: cash flow is the lifeblood of your hospital.  The financial impact of inadequate point-of-service collections, massive payer denials, and large patient write-offs will quickly bloat back-end systems and processes, in turn increasing expenses and strangling cash flow. But all of these negative forces can be quickly cured with the proper people, processes and systems focused on the front-end of your revenue cycle.

Enter AccuReg. When it comes to front-end RCM we are 100% focused on maximizing your cash flow and ensuring that you deliver an unparalleled patient experience. It’s our mission 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We see unfettered opportunity for RCM improvement because most hospitals and health systems spend the majority of their time, attention and money dealing with back-end processes like payer collections, receivables management and claims management. We say stop managing denials, claims rework and bad debt when you can prevent them to begin with. Example: as many as 90% of all denials are predictable; that means they are very much preventable.

For well over a decade we’ve been developing unmatched Front-End Revenue Cycle Intelligence™ tools to help hospitals recover millions of dollars in revenue that would otherwise be lost. Our systems are so accurate at estimating how much you need to collect from patients at the point-of-service that we guarantee the results:  If our monthly average patient payment estimation accuracy rate doesn’t exceed the NAHAM national standard (85%), we will waive your monthly fee until it does. Our competitors won’t offer such a guarantee. Because they can’t deliver the bottom-line financial impact that AccuReg does.