Keep patients (and revenue) coming with stronger patient satisfaction levels.

It’s a truism that perception is reality. And so it goes for patient satisfaction. Your patients form an impression of your quality of service during the registration process; if they have a negative experience, their perception of care quality can nose-dive by as much as 40%. Clearly that can impact patient satisfaction metrics. That’s why patient access is the single most important touchpoint with your patients.

For well over a decade AccuReg has been perfecting the complexities of front-end processes. This involves multiple layers of data that must synchronize and communicate precisely for your registrars to make the right decisions. All this has to happen in a matter of minutes to get your patients registered quickly with zero mistakes while—concurrently—enabling registrars to collect the right payment prior to service.

The exception-based Artificial Intelligence built into our RCM solutions suite suite ensures that your registration process will be much faster, more efficient and error-free. It turns your patient arrival into a fast, secure, positive encounter. And that directly translates into higher patient satisfaction scores and, in turn, more revenue for your hospital from returning, loyal, long-term patients.

Our end-to-end, rapid registration process includes:

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    The bottom line:

    When you make the Patient Access Experience® the cornerstone of your healthcare operation, patient satisfaction, revenue and earnings are sure to grow.

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