Integrated payment processing simplifies the collection process and reduces expenses.

The best time to collect is on the front-end, when payment processing risks and the costs of collection are low. AccuReg has created a tightly integrated estimate-to-payment user experience for both staff and patients. Our partnerships with the nation’s top payment processing firms have enabled us to create a seamless interface for presenting your patients with multiple payment options, all the while reducing your payment processing and outsourcing fees.

This pre-service estimation and collection integration saves time and eliminates errors, allowing registrars to accurately estimate the patient/payer responsibilities and collect exactly what is needed prior to service. When collecting the entire balance due up-front is not financially feasible, the system immediately detects and displays alternative payment plans, including discounts or loans in keeping with your hospital’s specific financial policies.

Our point-of-service collection software provides collection-to-estimation performance reporting at the individual, team, facility and system levels. The result is smart technology that minimizes payment processing expenses and empowers you to instill a patient-centric collections culture with your Patient Access team.

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