Roughly 30% of bad debt comes from patients who could have paid up-front but weren’t offered payment options.

Rapidly rising deductibles are shifting more of the payment liability from payers to patients. Hospitals that don’t identify each patient’s ability and willingness to pay up-front will end up writing off more and more debt in the future.

AccuReg Financial Assistance Screening assesses each patient’s propensity to pay and provides registrars with appropriate scripts, allowing them to counsel patients and resolve payment issues prior to service. Understanding the patient’s financial circumstances allows Patient Access personnel to quickly and confidently collect payment up-front, propose an appropriate payment plan, convert to charity care or offer some other financial assistance in compliance with your specific financial assistance policies.

Offering the right payment options for a patient prior to service not only increases your profitability. It builds a much better relationship and experience for the patient, as well. We’ll help your team match patients with pay plans quickly, in real-time. As a result, your revenue will improve via more front-end payments and less bad debt.

Some of the features you get with AccuReg Financial Assistance Screening:

  • Patient ability-to-pay segmentation screening
  • Approved discounts, payment terms and loans
  • Pre-screening for presumptive charity and eligibility
  • Consistent application of financial assistance policies
  • Automated workflow in compliance with 501(r)

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