Focus on the front-end and get paid when it costs the least and matters the most.

Higher deductibles and increasing co-pays mean up to a third of your hospital’s revenue is coming directly from patients. When you fail to receive payment prior to care, your chances of collecting any remaining balances drop about 70%. That’s why payment on the front-end is so essential to your hospital’s fiscal well-being.

Using our point-of-service collections predictive technology, your Patient Access staff can provide highly accurate estimates of patients’ payment responsibilities in a matter of seconds. According to NAHAM national standards, patient payment estimates should be at least 90% accurate, and 85% of your estimates should fall within that range. Our automated process is so accurate that we guarantee it. No other competitor is willing to match that.

AccuReg’s POS collections technology enables you to create a patient-centric environment that is equally focused on appropriate and accurate collections up-front–without compromising the Patient Access Experience®.

Here’s how our POS collections software works for you:

Improved Estimate Accuracy

  • Incorporates chargemaster pricing, payer contract terms, claims history, and eligibility and benefits information
  • Pulls information from electronic orders and scheduling

Integrated Payment Processing

  • Gives patients more options on how to pay, including credit/debit, ACH, cash, payment plans and payment loans
  • Integrates with payment processors to save data re-entry time and errors
  • Lowers current payment processing fees
  • Includes e-cashiering and automated payment posting

Real-time Staff Training and Accountability

  • Real-time alerts of collection opportunities
  • Staff scripting on how to ask for payment
  • Supervisor escalation of failure to collect
  • Built-in collections training and testing
  • Objection handling and soft skills training by SMEs

Industry-leading Best Practices

  • NAHAM AccessKeys® POS collections KPI dashboards
  • NAHAM collections workflow and FAP consulting

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