This report has decreased our manual workload by weeks, and I mean weeks–not hours, but weeks.

Andrea Newberry
Project Analyst, Beebe Medical Center

Fixing your revenue cycle’s front-end will dramatically reduce your back-end overhead.

For most hospitals, revenue cycle management involves a heavy reliance on receivables collection, claims management and denial mitigation. In turn, that means more personnel, expensive software solutions and a constant struggle to minimize mounting write-offs.

But slow AR turnover, voluminous claims issues and continual denial reworks are not the root cause of poor cash flow or anemic earnings. They are symptoms of the real culprit:  inadequate processes at the revenue cycle’s front-end. The good news is a properly optimized front-end will slash your back-end expenses. That’s why our sole focus is on the front-end. Where revenue starts.

We provide you with the people, processes and systems to decrease insurance denials, increase collections, expand profits and completely transform your entire revenue cycle.

Begin Better with AccuReg Front-End Payment Intelligence™.  Replacing error-prone processes with our solutions is how you start.

  • Our software automatically detects and obtains authorizations electronically. Your registrar is prompted with real-time alerts when an issue arises, and automated scripting guides the registrar all the way through the issue resolution.
  • AccuReg technology prevents denials by automatically auditing all registrations in real-time for payer-specific denials. Built-in Interventional Workflow alerts front-end staff in real-time of process failures and instantly provides scripted instructions for resolution. Individual performance metrics are tracked, and customized training is automatically assigned to registrars based on their individual error patterns.
  • Our tools for point-of-service collections provide highly accurate (and guaranteed!) estimates of the patient’s responsibility, allowing registrars to collect what is needed from the patient priorto service.

Check Out Our Solutions for Reducing Your Hospital’s Expenses and Back-end Overhead:

    The impact?

    You have a highly efficient front-end process that directly reduces operational overhead and labor costs, yields better cash flow, and increases profitability. Last but not least, you’ll enjoy an improved perception of care quality attributable to your superior Patient Access Experience®.

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