Because happier patients equate to rising future revenue.

Your patients’ quality of care and clinical outcomes aren’t the only factors that shape their perceived impressions of satisfaction. Your Patient Access team has a major impact on satisfaction levels from the moment patients schedule an appointment to the time they receive a final bill. In addition to faster scheduling and improved patient communications, AccuReg will deliver increased patient satisfaction scores for your department by:

  • Ensuring physician orders are legible, complete, tracked and confirmed. Results? Fewer mistakes and quicker registrations.
  • Enabling a fast, secure, and positive experience with check-in kiosks, biometric identity verification, patient surveys and a patient arrival tracker that documents wait times and alerts supervisors if thresholds are exceeded. Patients will fly through the registration process.
  • Using Identity Verification to streamline registration, resulting in reduced registration times, faster authentication and access, and reduced patient wait times. This enhances the patient experience and turbocharges your satisfaction scores.
  • Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to compare patient demographic and insurance to government, consumer and peer databases to assure complete and accurate patient information. This prevents duplicate medical records and overlaps in the Master Patient Index (MPI) and fewer issues with electronic medical records (EMR).
  • Automating payment estimates to ensure the patients don’t get any “surprise” fees later on.
  • Integrating your financial policies to alert front-end staff when financial consulting and assistance options should be offered. AccuReg’s Financial Assistance Screening alerts your registrar if financial assistance is available and provides real-time scripting to offer the patient specific payment and financing options. This is a highly effective tool to increase patient satisfaction.

See How We Can Help Increase Your Patient Satisfaction Scores:

    From managing physician orders through every step of the patient registration process, AccuReg can equip you with superior front-end technology and the high level of service needed to drive a patient-centered revenue cycle.

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