Convert potential back-end bad debt into front-end patient-specific payment plans.

Because payment liability continues to shift from payers to patients, hospitals are struggling to collect full and prompt payments. We know you want to provide the best care possible, regardless of a patient’s financial situation. When you understand a patient’s financial circumstances, you’re in a position to determine the best course of action to deliver that care.

However, if you fail to accurately identify a patient’s ability and willingness to pay before services are delivered, inevitably you will continue to write off more and more bad debt every year.

AccuReg’s Financial Assistance Screening tool uses intelligent propensity-to-pay predictive analytics to identify patients that would benefit from additional financial outreach before they leave your facility. You’ll be able to quickly determine if the registrar should attempt to collect the patient’s payment, offer a payment plan, convert to charity care or offer financial assistance.

AccuReg also guides staff in how to handle the account in compliance with your internal financial assistance policies.

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    What AccuReg Financial Assistance Screening gives you:

    • Patient ability-to-pay segmentation screening
    • Approved discounts, payment terms and loans
    • Pre-screening for presumptive charity and eligibility
    • Consistent application of financial assistance policies
    • Automated workflow in compliance with 501(r)
    • Improved collections through accurate classification of accounts
    • Higher patient satisfaction as the result of fair payment plans

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