Foster a “collections culture” with front-end staff training and ongoing education.

In today’s increasingly complex environment your Patient Access team simply must stay on top of the latest changes in the industry; otherwise the hospital’s revenue cycle will feel the pinch. So how can you stay ahead of the game by improving “soft” skills like customer service while teaching best practices in auditing and collections?

The answer is AccuReg. We deliver ongoing front-end staff education with goals that are challenging but attainable and are always focused on patient satisfaction, finances, and compliance. You’ll get real-time feedback and scripting as well as training by experts. We’ll help your registrars address issues and reduce registration friction to achieve a better patient experience.

Training focuses on accountability to improve performance with scripting, objection handling, and financial assistance options your team can offer patients that are pre-approved by your hospital’s specific financial assistance policies.

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    The results your team will see with AccuReg include:

    • Your workplace will foster a “collections culture.” With support from the board, executives, management and physicians, every registrar will be able to identify each opportunity to recognize an estimated liability and mitigate the risk of denials and non-payments.
    • You’ll develop collection strategies to empower registrars to offer discounts, payment plans, loans and charity for those who qualify, and provide them with clear parameters to reschedule non-urgent services for patients that decline financial assistance.
    • Your team will use National Association of Healthcare Access Management (NAHAM) KPI dashboards to constantly improve. Because what gets measured gets done.
    • NAHAM AccessKeys POS collections will improve soft skills with real-time feedback and scripting, as well as expert training.
    • Registration Quality Assurance (QA) performance dashboards let supervisors know who is performing and who is underperforming. Embedded training helps improve employee performance and reduces micromanaging.

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