Collecting on the front-end is the key to improving revenue cycle performance.

As you and your revenue cycle peers know by heart, collecting money from patients after service is extremely labor intensive and frequently results in substantial collection expenses or losses. But, lacking accurate information or input, your hospital’s Patient Access team typically doesn’t know specifically how much to ask for up-front, much less trying collect it. The slightest error can turn into a denied claim resulting in mounting receivables and collection expenses.

As revenue is becoming more aligned with patient satisfaction scores, ensuring a quality patient experience has never been more important. But how do you ensure that patients are taken care of quickly while still giving your admissions team time to check everything thoroughly? In today’s world of high-deductible, complex health plans, clearly your hospital needs a solution for error-proofing patient access.

AccuReg’s front-end revenue cycle management software is so efficient and so accurate at reducing wait times, increasing up-front collections and minimizing mistakes that we guarantee the results. Our software suite is powered by Artificial Intelligence and squarely focused on outcomes. It will transform your revenue cycle performance while enabling the Patient Access department to provide a superior patient experience.

“AccuReg automates eligibility, quality auditing, estimation and real-time feedback of deficiencies in the registration process. Their suite is fully integrated for the front end and it saved our organization time and money by providing an accurate, streamlined process for our registration clerks.”

Deonne Henry
Vice President Revenue Cycle, Magnolia Regional Health Center