Match eligible patients to financial assistance options prior to service.

Everyone likes options…including as many as 30% of your patients who could have paid up-front but weren’t offered payment plans or financial assistance. With more of the burden to pay falling on patients due to higher deductibles and increasing co-pays, it’s imperative that you identify every patient’s ability and willingness to pay prior to the delivery of care. The alternative is writing off more and more bad debt every year.

AccuReg Financial Assistance Screening solves this problem by providing payment options using an automated process that guides the Patient Access staff in finding the best ways to match patients to appropriate payment options.

When your hospital’s Patient Access team understands each patient’s financial circumstances, they can determine the best course of action to support payment in a way that complies with your hospital’s financial assistance policies — whether that’s to attempt to collect the patient’s payment, offer a payment plan, convert to charity care or offer financial help.

The AccuReg Financial Assistance Screening Solution includes:

  • Patient ability-to-pay segmentation screening
  • Approved discounts, payment terms and loans
  • Pre-screening for presumptive charity and eligibility
  • Consistent application of financial assistance policies
  • Automated workflow in compliance with 501(r)

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