Standardize and automate all of your critical front-end processes.

Payment risks often occur when revenue cycle transactions are performed manually. You can eliminate these easily via the use of automated, intelligent functions during the registration process. Our suite of front-end RCM software solutions are designed to empower Patient Access teams to deliver better financial results. We automate all critical processes to address the largest opportunities hospitals face today.

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    Other automated front-end payment intelligence features let you:

    • Predict. We analyze 10+ data sources to continuously build, validate and tailor rules that reliably predict denials, ensure the accuracy of estimates and match patients to financial assistance policies and options.
    • Standardize. We use our machine learning Rules Engine to standardize complex front-end processes across multiple registration locations and facilities and an entire enterprise.
    • Audit. We automate every account at each patient interaction for payment risks unique to each patient, provider and payer.
    • Alert. We push alerts of all payment risks to the accountable patient access staff member in real-time and keep them in one simple, unified work queue for each employee.
    • Script. We alert employees to risks in real-time and supply specific scripted instructions on how to resolve each issue.
    • Enforce. Employee scorecards and KPI performance reports provide managers with visibility of unresolved issues, which can also be escalated to them real-time via email or text messages.
    • Update. We can post certain information directly to the patient account in real-time.
    • Validate. As users update information, we re-audit the account to validate the new data to ensure the claim will be clean and ready to bill with a high first-pass adjudication rate.

    No longer must you rely on higher-cost back-end teams to manually rework and rebill claims after denial.  Automating critical front-end processes means significantly fewer errors and less cost.

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