What are the real costs when your Patient Access team has no standard of accountability?

Holding your hospital’s Patient Access team accountable lays the groundwork for revenue cycle management success.  Accountability reduces errors, ensures timely completion of tasks, encourages teamwork, increases morale, prevents errors and decreases cost—all of which lead to a greatly enhanced Patient Satisfaction Experience®.

Conversely, not supporting a basic system of better accountability for errors can result in increased costs, decreased revenue, a stressful work environment and lower patient satisfaction.

AccuReg stands ready to provide a standard of responsibility and ownership in two ways: through real-time staff training and our Interventional Workflow error prevention process. Real-time staff training includes:

  • Real-time alerts of collection opportunities
  • Staff scripting on how to ask for payment
  • Supervisor escalation of failure to collect
  • Built-in collections training and testing
  • Objection handling and soft skills training by SMEs

We also help build staff accountability through our error-preventing automated Interventional Workflow system, which:

  • Alerts front-end staff in real-time of process failures with scripted instructions for immediate resolution
  • Escalates staff resolution failures to supervisors for fail-safe intervention prior to service
  • Automatically assigns training to registrars based on individual error patterns
  • Holds registrars accountable with performance scorecards

Interventional Workflow is just one of many automated functions that gives your patient access team the precise information they need to identify payment risks on the front-end and maintain a standard of accountability that can help guarantee future success.

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