Significantly reduce physician errors and fast-track patient registration with electronic order management.

Physician order processing tends to be a major leak in the typical hospital revenue cycle bucket. The good news is AccuReg’s Order Manager helps you eliminate errors by providing an online portal, through which physician orders are administered electronically.

Order Manager’s utilization of Artificial Intelligence makes possible real-time scheduling and capture of CPT® codes, patient demographics and insurance policy information. Physician orders are legible, complete, tracked and confirmed. Your physicians and their staff want speed and convenience. Using Order Manager saves time they would otherwise waste on less efficient communication channels, like phone calls and faxes.

Here’s how our Order Manager process works.

Physician ordering is done electronically. Therefore the patient is fast-tracked at registration in a matter of minutes. Visual alerts help the registrar identify any missing information and ensure the order is accurate and complete. You get improved accuracy and ease of use throughout the entire process, from physician orders to final patient registration.

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    AccuReg Order Manager does the following:

    • Saves clinicians’ time spent on fax and phone calls
    • Ensures physician orders are legible, complete, tracked and confirmed
    • Notifies physicians as soon as the procedure is scheduled and an account number is created
    • Verifies patient identity, address, eligibility, benefits, authorization and medical necessity
    • Turns patient arrival into a fast, secure, positive experience

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