When it comes to denials, prevention is the best medicine.

It’s a fact that up to 90% of registration-related denials are predictable and preventable. But trying to manually detect the multitude of complex and changing payer requirements prior to service is all but impossible. As a result, if you don’t have automated, rules-based auditing and ongoing denials analysis, your hospital has to rely on back-end teams to manually rework and rebill claims after denial.

AccuReg front-end payment intelligence technology shifts the focus from tediously managing denials to preventing them. Our RCM software suite automatically audits scheduled and registered accounts for specific payment risks, authorization and pre-certification requirements, and medical necessity verification. We detect your payers’ denial patterns and alert the front-end staff to ensure real-time resolution.  Fewer issues with payers result in greater ability to collect up-front, minimizing back-end receivables.


Up to 90% of registration-related denials are predictable and preventable

Here’s how our denials prevention software works for you:

Standardized Process Automation

  • Automatically audits all registrations in real-time for payer-specific, registration-related denials
  • Auto-corrects subscriber data from the payer without user intervention
  • Requests eligibility and benefit data during registration and mapping to service or procedure
  • Continually analyzes historical claim and remit data to predict denial patterns

Interventional Workflow Error Prevention

  • Alerts front-end staff in real-time of process failures with scripted instructions for immediate resolution
  • Escalates staff resolution failures to supervisors for fail-safe intervention before service
  • Automatically assigns training to registrars based on individual error patterns
  • Holds registrars accountable with performance scorecards

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