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Best in KLAS® for Patient Access

AccuReg Ranked #1 2021

Awarded for industry-leading patient access/front-end focused revenue cycle management solution that maximizes hospital net revenue

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•   digital front door
•   virtual waiting room
•   appointment reminders
•   electronic forms and signatures

AccuReg Now Offers Digital Patient Intake and Engagement

Proven technology increases patient safety and net revenue with:

Get the how-to guide for meeting compliance, increasing cash and delivering patient estimates.

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Price Transparency Success: Comply with Requirements, Increase Pre-Service Revenue, Delight Patients

Hospitals who use a front-end focused revenue cycle solution are proven to increase net patient revenue, prevent denials before they happen and collect more cash pre-service.


Value of denials avoided annually by AccuReg clients


Labor expense eliminated each year working denied payments


Average one year increase in pre-service cash collections for a typical AccuReg customer

Improved Net Revenue and Patient Experience Start at the Front-End of the Revenue Cycle.

Start better by correcting errors before they waste time and cost you more. AccuReg brings a unique predict and prevent approach to Revenue Cycle Management. Our front-end revenue cycle software uses artificial intelligence for healthcare, including machine-learning, predictive analytics and intelligence-based workflows to allow staff to solve revenue cycle challenges before they start. From reducing front-end denials and rework cost to increasing POS collections, first-pass payment rate and patient financial experience. We Focus Solely on the Front-End. Where Revenue Starts. And Better Outcomes Begin.

We call it Front-End Revenue Cycle Intelligence™.

Manage Patient Intake, Flow and Engagement with One Integrated, Web-Based Solution

Price Transparency Success:
Comply with Requirements, Increase Pre-Service Revenue, Delight Patients


Get the How-To Guide for Meeting Compliance, Increasing Cash and Delivering Patient Estimates

Learn why adopting a virtual patient engagement model and giving patients access to accurate estimates of out-of-pocket costs is not only the right thing to do for patients, it drives increased pre-service revenue and decreased costs at your hospital.