Improved Net Revenue and Patient Experience Start at the Front-End of the Revenue Cycle.

Start better by correcting errors before they waste time and cost you more. AccuReg brings a unique predict and prevent approach to Revenue Cycle Management. Our front-end revenue cycle software leverages machine-learning, predictive analytics and intelligence-based workflows to allow staff to solve RCM problems before they start. From reducing front-end denials and rework cost to increasing POS collections, first-pass payment rate and patient financial experience. We Focus Solely on the Front-End. Where Revenue Starts. And Better Outcomes Begin.

We call it Front-End Revenue Cycle Intelligence™.

South Carolina HFMA Webinar Series:
The Five Most Impactful Revenue Cycle Trends of 2019 Providers Can’t Afford To Ignore

The revenue cycle continually evolves to keep pace with changes in the healthcare industry.

In this 5 part webinar series we will uncover, define, assess, and provide exclusive insights for better provider outcomes, and examine how your facility can take advantage of key intelligence in this evolving and highly disruptive market.

*CPE credits offered to SC HFMA members

AccuReg Front-End Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Capture More Net Revenue.


The average annual increase in pre-service collections for a typical client.


The amount of undisclosed coverage a New York-based health system found in self-pay accounts.


The return on investment (ROI) one client experienced in the first month on a single Quality Assurance edit.

Williamson County Medical Center

  • Increased Clean Claim Rate from 65% to 92%
  • Reduced Authorization Denials by more than 50%
  • Improved Patient Registration Scores to 96% registered in 10 minutes or less – up from 70%
  • Reduced monthly returned mail by 90%

Magnolia Regional Medical Center

  • Collected $1 million more up-front
  • Reduced wait times to 1 minute
  • Increased patient experience scores to the 90th percentile
  • Reduced front-end denials by 50%
  • For more on how Deonne solved her revenue cycle challenges, check out the May/June cover story on HealthLeaders