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How This Hospital Increased Cash Collections to $9M in 12 Months

Learn how AccuReg helped AUMC improve patient experience, increase collections and prevent $1.4M in rework

Learn strategies to reduce staff burden, improve patient experience and increase pre-service revenue. 

Paul Shorrosh
Founder and CEO

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Digital Patient Access Transformation

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8 Capabilities to Power Your EHR

Learn how AccuReg fills critical gaps in your EHR to prevent denials, improve productivity, enhance digital engagement and deliver the financial results you expect

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More Net Revenue. More Safety. More Satisfaction.

You don’t need another vendor. You need one partner that does more. AccuReg EngageCare helps hospitals, health systems and large specialty practices deliver a 21st century patient experience that is intuitive, consistent and increases satisfaction. We enable the consolidation of vendors, systems and processes by integrating patient access, intake and engagement into one flexible platform that seamlessly integrates with and complements your EHR. Delivering increased volume, net revenue and staff productivity so you achieve a healthier bottom line.

AccuReg EngageCare: Improve patient experience and safety. Increase productivity and boost net revenue.


Prevented Denials

Value of denials avoided annually

icon-average increase

300% Increase
Cash Collections

Average one year increase in pre-service collections

icon-saved labor expenses

$175M Reduced
Operations Costs

Labor expenses eliminated each year


Integrated Access, Intake and Engagement Platform

How we all want to engage with care.

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EngageCare Hospital

Patient Access Solutions

Reduce denials, lower costs and increase revenue capture with our full suite of front-end focused patient access and revenue cycle management solutions.

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EngageCare Patient

Digital Patient Intake & Engagement

Deliver the consumer experience patients expect and the staff efficiency you need with integrated digital patient intake and engagement solutions that improve safety, satisfaction and flow.

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