“AccuReg has proven to be one of the most dependable and reliable software systems I’ve ever encountered. I might add the best customer support ever, too!”

Kathy Abdelaal
Q/I Systems Manager, Faxton St. Luke’s Healthcare

When you’re serious about achieving the best possible outcome, you go to a specialist. Nearly a decade and a half ago AccuReg began its specialized focus and quickly became the industry authority on optimizing the power and potential of the hospital RCM front-end. Since Day One we’ve known that improving front-end processes in a hospital’s Patient Access department is the gateway to more net revenue, lower costs, enhanced patient satisfaction and many other benefits.

We’re way more than a Registration QA Solution.

The early growth and success of our company was built on our flagship Registration Quality Assurance solution. After all, it is simply the best. Today, along with that core product our solution set has evolved into a comprehensive suite of products and services powered by Artificial Intelligence and data science. We address the complexity of multiple patient access processes within a simple, single user console that is fully integrated with every EMR/HIS system in the country.

We’re holistically front-end.

AccuReg specializes in ALL of the critical processes associated with Patient Access, so you get one vendor who understands every nuance of the revenue cycle front-end. It’s no accident that we receive the best vendor performance scores of any front-end solution. To all the hospital facilities across the country trying to juggle multiple front-end sub-specialty vendors, our message is simple: “Consolidate your front-end solutions with AccuReg’s fully integrated suite and simplify life for your staff.”

Begin Better.

For all these reasons and more, now is a good time to contact AccuReg. Give us a call today at 866-872-7498 to learn how we can transform your revenue cycle by focusing on the front-end. Where revenue starts.

End-to-end revenue cycle management vendors can’t touch us.

Many of the bigger industry players try to be all things to all hospitals, offering front-end, middle, and back-end revenue cycle management. Inevitably, they spread themselves too thin as an end-to-end resource. The depth and breadth of technical expertise and “people power” we provide simply cannot be duplicated. Our only reason for being is improving revenue cycle performance by optimizing Patient Access. That means collecting more revenue up-front for you at a lower cost.

We have no inherent conflict of interest.

Our loyalties, resources and vision are never split between front-end and back-end. Most end-to-end revenue cycle management vendors have to choose where they put their focus and loyalty—on the back-end where they make larger margins or on the front-end where they cannibalize revenue from more lucrative back-end services. Our only focus is optimizing the front-end of the revenue cycle. As hospitals are being squeezed to become more efficient, effective and less costly, we know the front-end is the only place left to positively move the RCM needle.

We’re not just about technology.

AccuReg embraces a comprehensive approach to change. . .meaning people, process and technology. For that reason, we also offer Patient Access consulting and staffing support.

Our customers love us.

Our customers have repeatedly given us the highest overall performance scores in a national survey.