Provide Patient Safety and Convenience with Virtual Waiting Room

Make patient safety and convenience your priority with EngageCare Virtual Waiting Room. Reduce patient anxiety and increase patient engagement and satisfaction by allowing your patients to check-in from their cars or where they feel comfortable. Keep patients and their designated family, friends or caregivers informed with status updates throughout the episode of care using bi-directional texting. Reduce in-person interactions by collecting outstanding information using digital surveys, forms and payment while they wait.

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  • Patients remain safely in their cars or places of choice as they await their care
  • Staff-facing status and wait time updates
  • Alerts, instructions and directions for proceeding to care setting
  • Bi-directional staff and patient communications throughout the visit
  • Digital completion of outstanding information, forms, eSignatures and payment
  • Image capture and OCR using mobile devices
  • Automated alerts and communications can be sent to patient-designated family, friends or caregivers during patient flow
  • Pre-populate patient information for verification available from previous visits


  • Improve patient and staff safety
  • Minimize in-person contact
  • Enable a touchless pre-care environment
  • Offer superior patient convenience and increase patient satisfaction
  • Redeploy staff to higher value activities as patients complete administrative tasks
  • Complements and increases value of patient portal and EHR through seamless integration
  • Increase staff coordination across departments within health systems, hospitals and ambulatory settings
  • Enhance brand reputation as a leader in digital patient engagement
  • Attract and retain patient volume
  • Reduce or repurpose costly square footage designated for waiting rooms
  • Increase patient data accuracy