Give patients the accurate out of pocket estimates they want. Collect the payments prior to service you need.

Accurate estimates make it easier to get paid up-front, when your likelihood of collecting your revenue is the greatest and the cost is the lowest. Hospitals that don’t provide estimates miss opportunities to collect and increase their risk of bad debt. AccuReg Payment Estimation helps hospitals communicate out-of-pocket obligations and secure more revenue.

Payment estimates you can take to the bank.

With the AccuReg Estimation Accuracy Guarantee™, you gain added assurance that payment estimates will be accurate 90 days after go-live. Our estimate of patient payment is accurate within 90% of the final bill. NAHAM® has set the standard that 85% of your estimates should fall within this range, and we back that up with our guarantee. If our estimates ever fall below the NAHAM® standard, we’ll waive your monthly fee until they exceed it.

“AccuReg Team, I wanted to thank you for your contribution to our success for receiving Adopter Recognition through HFMA. You have provided us great tools to get the job done. . .Thanks again for all of your help and support to make MCCH best of the best!”

David Ralston
Executive Director of Revenue Cycle

The AccuReg Payment Estimation Difference


  • Guaranteed Estimates
  • Predictive Estimation
  • Automated and Manual Options
  • Hospital-Branded
  • Contract-Based
  • Integrated Staff Training and Testing
  • Real-Time Alerts of Collection Opportunities
  • POS Collections
  • Performance Tracking
  • Payment Processing Included


  • Increase Front-End Cash
  • Reduce Back-End Cost to Collect
  • Increase Staff Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Enhanced Patient Financial Experience

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