I don’t expect perfection from vendors but I do expect responsiveness. I get that from AccuReg. If I have a question or if I encounter a problem, they respond that day. Their response time is another key reason I’ve been an AccuReg client for more than 10 years. I truly consider them a partner.

Rodney Adams
Associate Administrator of Finance, Williamson County Medical Center

Our quality assurance software audits 100% of your patient registrations.

Manually reviewing your patient registrations for every type of error is virtually impossible. Inevitably, many errors will go undetected until they reach billing. The result? Rework and denials. Our flagship Registration QA tool automatically audits 100% of your patient registrations to detect preventable denials for hundreds of error types. Real-time alerts on the registrar’s work queue flag accounts that need corrections prior to billing.

AccuReg Artificial Intelligence learns while it earns.

Hospitals have poured millions of dollars into mid-cycle and back-end software systems to automate transactions, but are they doing the job any better? If just one piece of data is incorrect, a claim will be denied. Even if you have an automated registration tool to help you, if it’s not continually adapting, it’s just costing you money. AccuReg Integrated Intelligence™ drives a sophisticated rules engine and predictive analytics that wrap around your entire patient registration process to identify payment risks in real time and prevent future denials.

How AccuReg Registration QA works for you


  • Unlimited Edits
  • Scheduling, Pre-Registration, and Registration Auditing
  • Staff Training and Testing
  • Scorecards, Dashboards, and Ad-hoc Reports
  • Address Validation
  • Patient Check-In and Patient Arrival Tracker
  • Threshold Alerts
  • Patient Survey
  • E-Forms
  • Automated


  • Higher Clean Claim Rates
  • Less Front-End First Pass Denials
  • Less Rework
  • Lower Returned Mail Cost
  • Improved Consistency, Quality, and Speed of Registration
  • Higher Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduced Wait Times
  • Improved Accuracy
  • Standardized Registration
  • Fewer Errors and Higher Accuracy Rates

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