Imagine the positive change in your cash flow when you reduce your denials by as much as 90%.

The vast majority of medical billing denials are predictable and therefore preventable during the registration process. Our RCM solutions set automatically audits 100% of your registrations in real-time for payer-specific denials. Built-in predictive analytics combined with Interventional Workflow make certain your registrars head off denials during the registration process. Why is that so important? After health care services have been provided, the probability of collecting from a patient drops by 70%.

Automatically audit 100% of registrations in real-time for payer-specific denials

Reduce denials by as much as 90%

AccuReg Artificial Intelligence drives accurate estimating and payment processing. So it’s easier for your patients to pay and your front-end staff to collect. In fact, our patient payment estimator is so accurate that we guarantee the results.  And, our industry-leading best practices include built-in NAHAM AccessKeys® KPI Dashboards, NAHAM collections workflow and point-of-service collections. We not only provide greater accountability measurement, you also get real-time feedback, ensuring that registrars know how to ask for payment, handle objections, and offer appropriate payment plans or assistance.

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    The bottom line is more net revenue.

    In addition to keeping your team focused on front-end collections, your hospital or health system will benefit financially through increased pre-service collections, prior balance resolution, reduced payment processing and outsourcing fees, lower bad debt and a better Patient Access Experience®.  It all adds up to increased revenue, smoother workflow and greater efficiency.

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