I don’t expect perfection, but I do expect responsiveness. I get that from AccuReg.

Rodney Adams
Associate Administrator of Finance, Williamson County Medical Center

Automate the Patient Access Experience to save time, reduce errors and improve patient satisfaction.

Traditionally your team’s realm is the patient experience and accessibility of care.  The daily operations of registration and scheduling, staffing and patient communications are your domain.

But increasingly there is pressure to positively impact front-end revenue cycle management. Ineffective, manual account auditing, confusion over changing government regulations, and the ongoing struggle to get co-pays and deductibles up-front—these and many more issues have become your responsibility.

Today, it’s your department on the hot seat as far as affecting financial performance.  Even though your hospital may be losing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more annually due to patient access inefficiencies, you can plug the leaks and quickly turn things around.

Let AccuReg transform your patient access approach and  your net revenue. Our Front-End Payment Intelligence™ technology eliminates denial-causing errors, improves collections, automates critical functions and much more.  It all adds up to increased collections prior to the delivery of service, improved patient satisfaction, fewer denials and most importantly — more net revenue for your hospital.