Eliminate the Paper Trail and Expedite Registrations with Customized Digital Tools.

From routine history and physical forms to custom assessments, such as screening for COVID-19, with EngageCare Digital Forms, Assessments and eSignatures, your hospital can go digital. Use our intuitive technology to create digital versions of all required forms and assessments, and utilize our image capture, upload and OCR capability to expedite data collection. Patients can use their own devices or in-office kiosks and tablets you provide to complete and capture electronic signatures. Captured data can be converted back into your required format to be printed and digitally stored.


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  • Digital alternatives for all paper forms, assessments and surveys
  • Eliminate need for staff to key data and the related errors
  • Pre-populate patient information for verification available from previous visits
  • Patient eSignatures using their own devices or tablets and kiosks you provide
  • Image capture and OCR using mobile devices
  • Convert data to required document formats for your digital or printed filing requirements
  • Automated or staff-initiated patient communications for information required
  • Personalization, including diversity and inclusion-sensitive data capture and storage (e.g. name preference, birthdate reminders, notable milestones)


  • Improve patient and staff safety by minimizing in person contact and need for patients to unnecessarily touch surfaces at the hospital
  • Increase staff efficiency
  • Minimize patient wait times and improve patient flow
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Enhance brand reputation as a leader in digital patient engagement
  • Elevate patient experience using personalized reminders
  • Redeploy staff to higher value activities as patients complete administrative tasks
  • Enhance brand reputation as a leader in digital patient engagement
  • Complements and increases value of patient portal and EHR through seamless integration
  • Increase staff coordination across departments within health systems, hospitals and ambulatory settings
  • Enhance brand reputation as a leader in digital patient engagement
  • Retain and increase patient volume
  • Facilitate patient registration and communication for telehealth
  • Increase patient data accuracy