The Pre-Service Revenue Capture Specialists.

There is no greater opportunity to optimize the revenue cycle than prior to service.  Once service is complete, if authorizations and/or ABN haven't been obtained, patient liability hasn't been estimated and communicated, and appropriate payment hasn't been collected, the patient experience will be subpar and the chance of the hospital obtaining optimal revenue from that service is greatly diminished.  

Empowered with AccuReg solutions, patient access teams drive revenue cycle results.  AccuReg automates major registration tasks and guides registrars in how much to collect from patients, what discounts or plans to offer, and how to resolve any issues that will result in denials.  AccuReg is built to drive and enforce the behaviors and actions in patient access that lead to higher pre-service collections, lower bad debt, fewer denials, and a better patient experience

Eligibility Verification
Payment Estimation
Financial Screening 
Authorization Management
ABN Management
Identity Verification
Registration QA

We are confident that you will love AccuReg; we offer a 90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee that allows for terminating the contract and refund of installation fees.

AccuReg PRO (Pre-Registration Outsourcing)

Facilities that want to accelerate their path to pre-registering 90% of scheduled patients with the process depth and efficiency to produce transformational revenue cycle and patient experience results utilize AccuReg PRO.  AccuReg PRO Coordinators thoroughly pre-register patients on your behalf, utilizing AccuReg tools and processes that improve pre-service collections, prevent up-front denials and optimize revenue. Read more.

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