One Integrated, Web-Based Solution to Manage Patient Intake, Flow and Engagement

The way that patients seek and access care has changed, and health systems, hospitals and all providers must respond with technology that satisfies safety concerns, offers meaningful price transparency and allows healthcare consumers the conveniences they’ve come to expect from shopping online, booking travel and using their mobile phones. The current state of patient engagement and intake is disjointed and frustrating for both patients and staff. Utilizing incompatible, multiple products from numerous vendors creates inefficiencies for hospital staff and an inconsistent experience for patients while costing significantly more to maintain and operate.

Streamline Patient Check-Ins and Staff Workflows. Optimize Patient Flow.

With AccuReg digital patient engagement and intake solutions, you can eliminate multiple vendors and achieve outstanding patient satisfaction. Our solutions complement and increase the value of your EHR and patient portals to help you deliver a safe, seamless and intuitive patient experience across health systems, hospitals and clinics.

Improve the safety, convenience and flow of your patients’ visits and reduce patient anxiety with digital solutions that bring an intuitive administrative and financial experience directly to your patients’ fingertips.

Transform your patient visits with AccuReg digital patient engagement and patient intake solutions.

  • Patient Self Pre-Registration and Intake. Automate, streamline and optimize patient registrations. When combined with automated appointment reminders, this solution streamlines the registration process and provides a seamless workflow to enhance the clinical experience.
  • Automated Appointment Reminders. Protect revenue by connecting with your patients via text, voice and email to provide appointment reminders and any information they need prior to arrival.
  • Self Check-In. Empower patients with a fast, safe no contact and even touchless check-in. Patients can check-in using their own technology, mobile devices provided by your staff or self-service kiosks. Digital check-in ensures data accuracy and increases pre-service cash collections by allowing patients to provide and verify information, sign documents and make payments.
  • Virtual Waiting Room, Bi-Directional Patient Communication and Mass Messaging. Improve patient satisfaction and reduce patient anxiety with communication tools that improve safety and help patients feel connected and informed throughout their care journeys. Our bi-directional patient communication solution creates a patient-friendly and convenient virtual waiting room. Mass messaging allows providers to communicate the most relevant and up-to-the-minute information to multiple patients at one time.
  • Patient Flow. Track your patients’ flow through check-in, the care setting, discharge and beyond with real-time notification alerts that inform registration and relevant service areas, as well as patients, their families and caregivers of patients’ statuses. This proactive communication optimizes patient flow and reduces anxiety for everyone involved in the care visit.
  • Reports and Alerts. Detailed reports and predefined alerts allow staff the ability to adjust in real time to eliminate bottlenecks within your facilities.

Improve Patient Satisfaction and Revenue

Improve your patient experience from pre-registration to discharge by delivering safe, convenient visits that increase net revenue. To learn more about AccuReg patient engagement and intake solutions, complete a contact request form or call us at 866-872-7498.

Start Engaging Your Patients

Appointment Reminders

Virtual Waiting Room and Messaging


  • Patient Self Pre-Registration
  • Automated Appointment Reminders and Instructions
  • Digital No-Contact Check-In Via Mobile Device or Kiosks
  • Virtual Waiting Room
  • Digital Forms and eSignatures
  • Health Screening Questionnaires
  • Scan and OCR ID, Insurance and Payment Cards
  • Demographic Verification and Editing
  • Out-of-Pocket Cost Estimates and Payment Processing
  • Email, Voice, and Bi-Directional Texts and Mass Communication
  • Facility Directions and Campus Navigation
  • Patient Location/Flow Tracking
  • Intake and Discharge Instruction Alerts
  • Real-Time Reporting and Alerts
  • Reporting and Alerts


  • Improve Patient and Staff Safety
  • Protect and Increase Revenue
  • Reduce Cancellations/No-Shows
  • Lower Hospital Costs
  • Eliminate Need for Multiple Vendors
  • Increase Pre-Service Revenue
  • Reduce Patient Anxiety
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction
  • Reduce Check-In Time
  • Optimize Patient Flow
  • Improve Brand and Reputation

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